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Ocean activities in Braga, Portugal, culminate at World Ocean Day

Every place makes its specific contribution to World Ocean Day celebrations, this year under the UN motto "Planet Ocean: Tides are Changing".

Braga in northern Portugal is less than 30 km away from the Atlantic Ocean. At the Association of Schools Francisco Sanches the teaching staff ran an extended interdisplinary project titled "We are all Ocean" that culminated on 8 June.

With the support of Mundus maris the schools have once again dedicated a series of events and activities to ocean literacy engaging different classes with their respective teachers - artistic and scientific and journalistic.
They even included a radio production broadcast for the school community and a theatre performance.
The result of so much dynamism, creative talent and study focused on the current problems of the ocean and humanity as a whole can be seen in an ebook, reproducing a selection of works produced by the different participating classes and documenting the production process.
The pdf version is distributed free of charge and can be downloaded here (11 MB).
Moreover, you can find the radio and theater recordings, made for this ocean event on the internet.
Mundus maris especially thanks Professor Isabel Candeias and the entire teaching team and students of the Francisco Sanches schools for the outstanding commitment to this educational process of awareness creation.
And they did not stop there, but reached out to the families and the local population thus creating a noteworthy impact well beyond the school itself.

An example to emulate!