The September 2021 thematic webinar of the V2V Project was delivered by Derek Johnson of Manitoba University in Canada. He heads the international collaboration "Dried Fish Matters" with a research focus on East and South East Asia. His lecture focused on the common strands of thinking and questioning between this and the V2V research cooperation. He raised questions about how social-ecological systems, political economy and social economies intersect and whose vulnerability and whose viability counted and what was being studied in this context.

In the light of a lot of empirical evidence presented in February 2021 in the FAO seminar about dried fish and its importance for a healthy nutrition and the livelihoods of mostly financially poor people in the Global South, Derek asked for example what type of governance would make small-scale fisheries viable. How could their continued existence be ensured in the face of expanding fish meal production for example along the east coast of India and similar developments elsewhere. He also touched on changes in production cycles of fermented fish products in Bangladesh and Cambodia, where industrial processes were replacing home-made products and the interaction with changes in lifestyles and living conditions.

Click on the announcement to watch the registration of the lecture and ensuing Q&A session on YouTube.