As World Ocean Day is coming closer, preparations of Mundus maris and its partners working on this year's UN theme "The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods" are heating up. The international jury is finishing its assessment work of 61 submissions from 10 countries. Our team in Senegal is planning no fewer than five activities! Nigeria two, Argentina in collaboration with others two and our teams in Belgium and Ghana one each. In Cameroon our partners Bénévoles Océan are mobilising young people in Kribi, Douala on the coast and elsewhere. Partner Eco Ethics in Kenya has already scheduled mangrove planting before and a series of beach and press activities at the day itself. 

The list is long and even growing! Here is what's being prepared:

  • Dispatch of all honorary diplomas for more than 70 participants submitting 61 stories, poems, paintings and video footage in several age categories.
  • Mundus maris will screen the winning videos selected by the jury
  • Mundus maris contributes a video and speakers to the global event of the research network "Too Big To Ignore" under the motto of blue justice on 7 June
  • with partner Dakar Art School, Senegal, plans laying out a mosaic with five students,
  • with partner Kawabata Yasunari public primary school in Hann Bel Air, Senegal, plans an event with a sketch, the Mundus maris quiz and up-cycling discharged tyres as flower pots
  • with partner Montagne 6 public primary school in Hann Bel Air, Senegal, plans an art workshop with local artist Amy Ndiaye and an excursion around the ecosystem approach to fisheries
  • with partner Soccer training schools’ communal network / Municipality of Hann Bel Air, Senegal, plans a beach cleaning exercise
  • with partner Small-Scale Fisheries Academy in Yoff, Senegal, plans a beach cleaning exercise
  • Mundus maris invites all interested university and college staff and students, particularly in southern Nigeria to a webinar on 8 June at 4pm Lagos time 
  • Mundus maris in collaboration with Aquaworld organises an event in Akure, Nigeria
  • Mundus maris organises an on-site event in the coastal fishing village of Apam, Ghana, to discuss contemporary issues for fishers and fish workers
  • Partner Eco Ethics Kenya prepares World Ocean Day with a mangrove planting drive together with the Beach Management Unit of Kidongo Beach, Mombasa, and plans media and on-site events on 8 June
  • Partner Bénévoles Océan in Cameroon has mobilised several schools beforehand and plans an event in Kribi
  • partner Youth School Orchestra San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, produced two music videos to celebrate World Ocean Day
  • Mundus maris, in collaboration with Belgrano University in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has scheduled two webinars on 10 June, one on illegal, unregistered and unregulated (IUU) fishing and one on ocean and biodiversity protection
  • Mundus maris invites for an open air concert on Saturday, 12 June, 19h, to the Provinciaal Domein Kessel-Lo, Louvain.
  • Agrupamento de Escolas Dr. Francisco Sanches, Braga, Portugal organises online cultural events and exhibitions supported by Mundus maris.

Click here to get the quiz. We encourage you to participate on site in World Ocean Day events with Mundus maris and its partners for example in Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Senegal or online in Argentina, Nigeria and elsewhere.

We are all excited to host you together with our friends and partners. Watch this space for more and the stories about the events.

Planting 5000 mangrove seedlings at Kidongo Beach, Mombasa, in collaboration with the Beach Management Unit on 5 June 2021 in the rund-up to World Ocean Day (Photo courtesy Brian Gicheru)