To celebrate the United Nations World Ocean Day: "The ocean: life and livelihoods" our international non profit association invites you to participate in the Mundus maris Awards 2021 (MMA 2021) on how to appreciate the ocean and how it is our lifesource, supporting humanity and every other organism on Earth.   The year 2021 also marks the start of the UN Decade of the Ocean 2021-2030: Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

1. Objective

The Mundus maris Awards 2021 would like to contribute to the Word Ocean Day 2021 by a worldwide call to think about the interaction between us, our livelihoods and the ocean through sciences, arts, stories and/or education. Interviews and dialogues are also very welcome. The MM Awards 2021 are partnering with several organisations in different countries to advance the message of the World Ocean Day.

2. Realisation process

2.1. Choose an element of the sea or a human object that relates us to the sea and living with or from the sea.

2.2. Reflect on the major challenges such as climate change, today’s pandemic, overfishing, pollution, and other non-sustainable practices.

2.3. Think of the human efforts for protecting the ocean, ocean life and livelihoods by communities, civil society organisations, the UN, governments at different levels, others. Think also on how to live in harmony with the ocean and how to address the challenges.

2.4. Select the modality you prefer (text, image or video) to carry out your work. Or interview someone living by the ocean or from the sea or studying the ocean.

2.5. Produce your contribution showing life in the ocean and / or the relationship that human beings have with the ocean.

3. Modalities

3.1. Text (max. 500 words): story, poem, essay, interview. Formats: word, pdf, jpg, png
3.2. Image: drawing, cartoon, illustration or photo. Formats: pdf, jpg, png
3.3. Video (max. 5 min.). Format: MP4 or video on YouTube
3.4. The
submissions can be individual or by groups

4. Age groups

Three age groups are considered:

- up to 12 years of age
- 13 to 18 years of age
- 19 years and older.

5. Online submission of your work and data

Submissions must be original. Authors accept through submission that Mundus maris asbl and its partners for Mundus maris Awards 2021 have the right to reproduce them in any medium acknowledging the author(s).

Each participant must clearly indicate the first name (given name(s)), family name, age, gender, school or club with name of teacher/professor or coach (if applicable), town or city, country and e-mail for contact.

Children and youth under legal adult age need to have their submission authorised by a parent or legal guardian.

All participating works are submitted online (word, pdf, jpg, png, MP4 or link to YouTube video) to Mundus maris Awards at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

6. Deadline for submission: The deadline for submissions is Monday 3 May 2021, 18h Brussels time.

7. Diplomas: All participants receive honorary diplomas.

8. Jury: An international jury will pick the winners. Its judgement is final.

9. Prizes: Up to 2,000€ are available for prizes.

10. Announcement of Diplomas and Awards: World Ocean Day 8 June 2021


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UN World Ocean Day, 8 June