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Belgrano University, Club de Pescadores and Mundus maris celebrate World Ocean Week in Buenos Aires

Awaiting the session to start - students outside the auditoriumThanks to careful forward planning of all aspects of the ocean week since April 2018, including committing a series of speakers for different events, preparation of information materials, press briefings, catering and documentation, everything was well and ready on 4 June for the first event.

Distinguished speakers from Argentina and the world shared their vision on the current situation of the seas, inviting the audience to find answers to current problems.

Some speakers were able to be physically present, others, like Cornelia E Nauen of Mundus maris connected via skype conference. Participants made good use of the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the speakers.

This session took place at Urquiza Auditorium of the University of Belgrano. Zabala and Villanueva, Belgrano, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and was open to the public and free. Certificates of Assistance were delivered.

Students were then encouraged to select a topic related to the theme of this year's World Ocean Day and work in groups of up to five throughout the week in order to find answers to the challenges.

They were then expected to present their proposals at World Oceans Day, Friday 8 June 2018.

This offered them an opportunity to engage actively with ocean protection and use information from their study programme and the expert talks.

Aimé Kimei Astrada worked on the notion that you will protect what you love. Click here to see the result.

Chiara Salustri, Deborah Riccardolo and Sol Bovina worked on reducing plastic use. Check out their proposal here.

Florencia Natali and Fernández Chert worked on sustainable beaches. Click here to see their proposal.

Constanza Miguel, Luis Méndez and Morena Rodríguez took to heart the issue of garbage separation at the university. Find out more here.

Paula de los hoyos chose to work on the appeal "Let's look after and protect our oceans". Click here for the proposal.

Monday, 5 June, Radio Alma in Brussels interviewed Cornelia E Nauen, President of Mundus maris asbl together with Simona T. Boschetti, a coral biology specialist current supporting the social media team of Mundus maris. Radio Alma wanted to get, among others, first impressions about the celebrations of World Oceans Day by Mundus maris at the Brussels Environment Festival with some 22,000 visitors a couple of days earlier. Listen to the interview here (in Spanish).

On went the week of ocean related activities with an invitation to culminate in celebrations, Friday 8 June, in the beautiful premises of Club de Pescadores on the Rio de la Plata. The best course work by students from different universities mentioned above was recognised by the Executive Director of Belgrano University, Lic. Ana Linares Quintana. This award ceremony was followed by the transmission of greetings by Mundus maris President, Cornelia E Nauen, and by a talk by Dr. Marcelo Morales Yokobori, professor at Belgrano University about shared research activities with students of the Universidad del Comahue, Universidad de Buenos Aires and Universidad Belgrano. It was a truly memorable event in a beautiful setting.

More on the programme of the week here.

Information materials kindly made available by Dr. .Marcelo Morales Yokobori

Winners of the student course work awards View from the Club de Pescadores onto the Rio de la Plata