by Ansgar Beer

This is an update on the preparations of the youth exhibition 'SeeArt' which wants to engage visitors for protecting the seas: so far, we have received or imminently announced contributions from Belgium, Brazil, China, Fiji, Germany, Guinea Bissau, Mauritania, Morocco, Nigeria, Norway and Senegal. Many are from youth groups. Some are also from mature artists. The regional newspaper 'Rheinische Post' has already carried articles to raise awareness well beyond the school environment. 

Within the working group of the Helmholtz-Gymnasium in Hilden (HGH), preparation feaver is catching on. The pictures on this page allow you a glimpse behind the scenes of preparing their contributions to the exhibition, the poster and the flyer. Everything needs to be prepared to provide the most attractive platform for showing the best contributions and ready the prizes for recognising the efforts of participants. The working group of HGH pupils engaged in the preparations is getting substantial support not only from the school itself, but also from the municipal culture office and two firms: 3M and Achte Systems.

It also intended to raise some money for the build-up of the Oloibiri Resources Centre in Nigeria. This centre is under development to help create a safe place where young people can network and learn computer and other useful skills so that they are better prepared to face the future and not be drawn into the violence existing in parts of the Niger Delta.

This is why young people from seven schools and two universities from Port Harcourt and neighbouring towns participated enthusiastically in the painting competition organised by Dr. Adaba T. Ibim and her team already last year to contribute to the SeeArt exhibition.

How does the programme look like from now to the end of the exhbition project?

20 June, start at 8h: setting up the exhibition

22 June, 13h: press conference in the exhbition hall

26 June, start at 11h: Vernissage with the mayor of Hilden, the director of the HGH, Dr. Chima Chibuike Wokocha of Port Harcourt University with one of the youth contributing to SeeArt, Mundus maris representataives and a cultural programme supported by the school band 'Tropicalismo' and the school orchestra.

From 12h to 13h30 auction of paintings on display and directly available. Pieces auctioned off will be marked and can be collected at the end of the exhibition, 17 July

A jury will select the best pieces for recognition. Voting cards will enable the visitors to identify the prize of the public.

27 June, 'The Sustainability Day' at the HGH: special programme between 10h and 12h in the school aula, including skype video connections to several rallying points in the Niger Delta, if possible also to Senegal

17 July: Finissage and take-down of the exhibition - buyers can collect their works.


Complete the SeeArt Project by sending certificates for participation to all contributors in recognition of their efforts, as well as prizes to the happy winners. Report on results of sales and transfer proceeds to support the Oloibiri Resources Centre. Encourage continued networking among participating groups.

Meanwhile, the Municipal Office for Culture in Hilden is announcing SeeArt on its website to draw wider support and is generally very helpful during preparations.