Abibou DIOP, Principal of the CEM Cayar

On Saturday, May 22, 2011, we organised a workshop for artistic expression to produce works for the SeeArt youth exhibition in Hilden, Germany.


This workshop brought together during a week-end ten (10) boys and girls selected after a test determining their level of understanding about modules and awareness about the concept "Sciences - Arts – Sustainability".


Altogether, a group of thirty pupils from 6th to 3rd grade aged between 12 and 17 years have shown their willingness to participate in artistic meetings and briefings attended by scientists from the Fisheries Department, technicians of the Marine Protected Area (MPA), traditional fishermen and local teachers in the Life and Earth Sciences (SVT).

All these partners have contributed to the teaching conducted with students in interactive information modules and awareness creation on such varied topics as global warming, the assault against the marine ecosystems and biodiversity, the concept of sustainable fisheries.

Other topics were tales and legends of the people of the Sea to soak up the culture and civilisation of communities living by the sea.

From Cayar, students have traveled the fifty kilometers to get to Thies, the provincial capital, to the home - workshop of Babacar Ndoye, a visual artist, who was kind enough to join the project 'SeeArt' Hilden and endorses the orientations of Mundus maris.

He accepted it for free to position himself as a professor of art to give all pupils participating in projects of the Initiative some training sessions on art techniques.

He also spend time with the high performance group of ten youth chosen for their understanding of themes occurred during information sessions.

They are, among others: Adama DIALLO 4M1, Diatou NDIAYE 4M1, Noye NDIAYE 4M1, Manga BA 4M, Madické KANE 3M1, Djiby CH. KA 5M1, Omar BA 4M1.

Babacar Ndoye deserves our thanks for ensuring the entire logistics of the operation, including painting, canvases and brushes etc. and his wife served our budding artists a tasty meal.

He also made Mundus maris T-shirts proudly worn by the group of boys and girls.

Badou has sacrificed his precious time otherwise directed at the preparation of his forthcoming exhibition devoted to "African women in all their states".


In terms of facilitation we note prominently the support of Mundus maris, which has allowed us to transport the band of youth, the purchase of a mobile telephone with possibility of Internet connection (small performance but better than nothing), part of the food and some other accessories and needs to carry out the operation.

Beyond this activity to participate, if only symbolically at the SeeArt youth exhibition in Hilden, our medium-term project is to organise an exhibition in the open air on the beach Cayar.

This exhibition will allow us to take stock of work from collaboration with the European School of Brussels I.

The CEM Cayar wants to translate its commitment into practice for the international initiative Mundus maris through continuous work with students and enabling their greater ownership of the concept Sciences - Art - Sustainability.

The strategy is to create a team of scientists associated with CEM partner teachers to develop modules of information.

Artist friends of the school as Samba Laye Diop, who accompanied us during the Fiftieth Anniversary of the European School of Brussels and at the Workshop in Dakar in 2010 on the climate change scenarios,

Abdoulaye Seck, who has overseen the paintings for our participation in the exhibition in Amsterdam in 2009, and today Babacar Ndoye called Badou as our companion, will all be mobilised again to bring the best contribution for the quality of our productions and our working style.

Our major handicap in achieving our goals remains the scientific environment of the College, which does not have laboratory and scientific equipment that can be used as needed.

So our learning center is still suffering from lack of a multi-functional room where students can develop artistic and other activities.

In sum, there is enthusiasm and voluntary work in the direction specified by Mundus maris, because we widely share its policies and environmental concerns.

For the profile of our CEM Cayar, click here.


For viewing our participation in previous activities of Mundus maris, check earlier exhibitions (Brussels 2008, Amsterdam 2009) and the climate change scenario workshop in Dakar in 2010.