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Marta Minujín's The Parthenon of BooksArt critics wrote many reviews about the messy nature of this year's documenta 14. But say what you may, it surely illustrated the planetary scope of contemporary art through the huge span of works exposed in Athens and Kassel and through the disparate commentary of an equal number of artists, curators, historians presenting them in the Daybook. Spread out over some 20 venues in Kassel alone and almost as many in Athens, the exhibition offered many highlights that did not fail to speak to the visitor. The sheer diversity made sure that everybody could attune to some of the works shown. And the record numbers of visitors bore that out. A large number of performances by women artists added reflections on gender equality and the human condition in different parts of the world. Marta Minujin's "The Parthenon of Books" to the right was half filled by donated books prohibited at one point in time or other in different countries around the globe.

The show started in Athens on 8 April and closed in Kassel on 17 September 2017.

Here we only show pieces from four artists from three continents, all somehow linked to a core concern of the show, namely that oppression's ghastly face has brought untold suffering on people around the globe, but that strangers can meet and that as humans we can cooperate and learn from one another across the continents and the seas. We share the artworks together with remarks from the curators gleaned from the documenta 14 Daybook. Enjoy our small selection and explore more on the many artsy websites that let documenta 14 live on if you missed it. All pictures by CE Nauen.