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Eco Ethics Kenya and partners celebrate in Mombasa

Partnerships of Eco Ethics Kenya (EEK) including Mundus maris, Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA), the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and the National Museums of Kenya (NMK) have been behind the success of World Ocean Day celebrations. Thanks to the Eco Club Program of EEK a number of pupils participated in the contest for Mundus maris Awards.

The Sacred Heart Primary School in Mombasa County, one of its eco club schools, was the venue of this year's event.

The WOD16 which was celebrated on June 11 to allow schools to be part of the same. We saw a huge turn up of about 120 attendees. This audience was constituted of over 50% school children and the rest were invited guests, teachers and other interested parties.
The barely 4-hour event saw a series of sessions that were all tailored towards instilling a sense of urgency into the WOD16 theme, ‘HEALTHY OCEANS, HEALTHY PLANET’.
EEK, patrons, learners and invited guests engaged in the event in the most remarkable way by following a series of activities scheduled in the programme. Among these was the WOD Quiz developed by the Mundus maris team. It was a quite interactive session that tested and gainfully widened the learners’ general knowledge of the ocean.

The quiz session was later followed by introduction and recognition of guests who included among others, the Nationals museums of Kenya, Eco Club school representatives, Community forest associations and community organisations.
Mr. Maina, EEK’s Environmental Governance Officer presided over the third session where he delivered a very powerful speech concerning the theme of the WOD16. Mr. Maina emphasized on the importance of the mainstreaming environmental leadership and it was quite clear that patrons, students and partners were to show solidarity and partner with EEK and make the WOD more meaningful and successful in the subsequent years.
The distribution of 17 Mundus maris honorary diplomas for the participants in the 2016 World Oceans Day contest, specifically to students, patrons and jury members were one of the highlights.

Closing remarks and a vote of thanks concluded the memorable celebration.