By Toni Bott

In their performances on 24 and 25 March 2018, the almost 200 dancers of the Ballet and Jazz Departments of TSV Reinbek and the Flamenco School Costa Cabral presented a versatile programme around the essence of life in the Sachsenwald Forum Reinbek, near Hamburg. In addition to the impressive staging of the beauty of nature, including its diverse flora and fauna, the project had a special, socially critical focus aimed at mediating a broad awareness for much needed environmental protection.

Under the guidance of Julia Rademacher da Costa Cabral and Ragna Williams the dancers embodied idyllic scenes such as the acrobatic nature of a raging mountain river, the silent beauty of algae in the deep sea or the majestic dance of seagulls over the coast. The audience also marveled at the portrayal of the global overfishing of oceans and of water pollution. They represented, for example, how the ubiquitous plastic waste eradicates a vibrant and colorful coral reef, threatening wildlife and defiling the coasts.

Dressed in intricately crafted costumes the dancers performed against a backdrop and with props with attention to detail underscored by a wide range of rousing music. The audience was offered a touching and coherent presentation that made them think. Facts about the currently wasteful water consumption on the whole globe as well as the possibility to deal with the topic of environmental protection in the foyer of the hall rounded off the event.

It is to be hoped that the interest in this challenge, was able to stimulate the audience into a critical reflection of their own behaviour. It certainly embued the dancers involved, young and older, as they had jointly worked on this inspiring project.

Photos by Marta Poppe.

Mundus maris supported the performances with different materials.