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Entrega de premios en Lagos, Nigeria, 24 de julio de 2019

The event took place in the Multi Media Hall at the Centre of Excellence of the University of Lagos (UNILAG). It started at 11.30am with the introduction of guests of honour and main organisers.

These were Prof Chukwu, the UNILAG Director of Academic Planning as the host, Mrs Mgbeoma Kuye, the Public Relation Officer of African Women Fish Processors and Traders (AWFISHNET), Mr Kehinde Laniyan from the Registrar's Office of Yaba College of Technology, Mrs Willoughby coordinating a robotics group, Dr Jumoke Akiode partnering with Mundus maris, Mrs Elizabeth Mangai of the Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology (FCFMT), Adeola Ayano of Bells University, AyoJesutomi Abiodun-Solanke of FCFMT and Coordinator of Mundus maris Lagos, a Representative of Prof Asuquo of University of Calabar, Mrs Afolabi of Yaba Technology, Prof Stella Williams, the Vice President of Mundus maris asbl and Mr Adeshola Kukoyi of UNILAG. 

The guests were invited to the high table and the second stanza of the National Anthem was rendered as the opening prayer. The opening remark was given by Mr Kukoyi after which the Dance group from UNILAG made a performance to depict the UN theme of the year with drama.

Prof Chukwu took to the stage afterwards and he gave a great keynote address on Women and the Ocean. He took the audience through the roles of women in ocean related activities and encouraged listeners on what steps can be taken individually and collectively to promote ocean sustainability. This should be done in a way that does justice to the different social roles of women and men.

He led the audience to recite a pledge to contribute their quota to promote ocean sustainability after his address.

A Goodwill message from Mundus maris asbl headquarter in Brussels delivered by Dr. Cornelia Nauen, the President of the non-profit, was shown to the audience. She encouraged listeners to contribute their share to promote the organisation's goals of ocean protection and more generally towards the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). She pointed out that we are all connected to the ocean.

The certificates of participation for all supporters and encouragers of the Mundus maris Awards contest to celebrate World Ocean Day (8 June) were given out by different dignatories coordinated by Prof Williams.

Prizes were also given to winners of Mundus maris Awards selected by the international jury of the youth contest. Prof Williams coordinated the handing over of the recognitions as well. There were also acknowledgements for the winners of the gender quiz.

The team that won the group project, led by Feyisayo Adeleye, were also presented to the audience. In keeping with the “Gender and Ocean” motto of this year's World Ocean Day, the project aims at carrying out a Digital Gendered Fisheries Value Chain Analysis in Makoko, Lagos. The project team comprising also Otubanjo Temitope Oluwaseun, Adegbosin Omotayo Esther, and Usamot Hanifat was encouraged to do the work well and promptly.

The gathering ended after about two hours and the audience was spurred to keep up the enthusiasm and get practically involved with ocean protection and gendered analyses in the months up to the next World Ocean Day 2020. 

Congratulations to all winner, participants and supporters! Ocean protection going from strength to strength.

Some of the participants in their Mundus maris t-shirts.


 Family photo of the participants in the Prize giving ceremony at UNILAG