The CEM of Hann collaborates in EAF Nansen pilot projects

cemhannThe mid-level school in Hann (CEM de Hann) participates in the pilot activities to test teaching aids for marine and coastal ecosystems and how to harvest marine resources sustainably. These pilot activities are sponsored by the EAF Nansen Project of the FAO and implemented by Mundus maris asbl in collaboration with our school and others in Senegal and The Gambia.


Presentation of our school


I.1. Name of the institution: Mid-level school in Hann (CEM de Hann)


I.2. Localisation


I.2.1. Administrative location


Region: DAKAR
Department: DAKAR
City: Dakar
District administration: HANN BELAIR
Town / district: HANN / VILLAGE


sallesclassesI.2.2. Academic location




I.3. Type to education delivered: 1st Cycle Teaching


I.4. Status of of the institution: Conventional public school


I.5. Date of foundation and opening: 1985


I.6. Status of occupancy of the buildings: State


I.7. Name of the headmaster:

Paul Pierre Diouf


informatiqueI.8. Contact details:


Mail address: CEM de Hann
A coté de la commune d’arrondissement

Hann, Grand Dakar, Senegal

Landline: 00221-338323356
Mobile phone: 00221-776548376




II Other characteristics of the school


II.1. Teaching staff and pupils


Our school currently (early 2012) has 39 teachers and supervisors (male and female) for 1369 pupils - 686 boys and 683 girls in the age groups between 11 and 15 years.


II.2. Curriculum


The following subject matters are taught:

Mathematics, English, French, History-Geography, Home economics, Technology, Life and earth sciences, Physical education, Spanish, Arabic, Physics and Chemistry.







Number of classes





Number of hours taught effectively per week






II.3. Facilities and other characteristics


jeuxOur facilities comprise 10 class rooms, a room for the teachers, a sanitary block, a playground and a sports field. Our informatics room comprises 9 desktop computers with ADSL internet connection. The school complex is protected by a brick wall.


For the time being we have no nursary, but a health post.


For the time being we have no library.


Access to the school is by paved road and we have running water.


The management board of the school is very active, but the association of parents shows a lower level of activities. The conditions are in place to implement school projects.