La Organización Regional de Ordenación Pesquera del Pacífico Sur (SPRFMO) es responsable de una vasta zona que abarca casi una cuarta parte de todas las áreas de alta mar en el mundo. La Dra Johanne Fischer es la Secretaria Ejecutiva con sede en Wellington, Nueva Zelanda.



This young organisation is in the process of developing its management scheme.

The indicative area of high seas under its management is shown below.

She speaks to us about the threats to the ocean and what can be done about them.


She notes that perhaps less than five percent of fisheries catches globally are made in the high seas and that consequently the overwhelming majority of catches are made in coastal waters and over continental shelves.

She thinks that ocean protection has made progress through the entering into force of the Law of the Sea Convention and the adoption of the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fishing.

But she also observes that effective protection and sustainable use hinges of engagement of coastal communities.

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