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World Ocean Day at the Kawabata Yasunari Primary School in Hann, Senegal

The Kawabata Yasunari Primary School in Hann has been collaborating for several years with Mundus maris on the occasion of World Ocean Day (WOD). The 2022 edition was celebrated on 11 June with a clean-up of the school yard, tending the plants in the court yard and by a sketch under the artistic direction of Bina Diop, artist actor and key resource person of the Mundus maris team from Senegal. 

Last instructions by Bina Diop during the rehearsal for the sketch (short video). he theatre piece centers on the protection of marine species and of the ocean as a whole, it addresses pollution and more in general the critical water consumption. Says Bina Diop: "In Senegal, water is a particularly scarce and precious resource. Most is needed for producing food and nurturing plants around us. So we want to raise awareness about practical ways to care for water and be conscious about using it prudently. In the sketch, we have inserted a sequence on the environment and the scourge of deforestation, climate change, coastal erosion and difficult living conditions. But we don't stop there, the high note of the theatre piece are proposals for alternatives and possible solutions." With a proud smile he adds: "Our performance was not only appreciated by the higher ups at school, but also in the village, when we performed elsewhere." Congratulations, well done!