Le 21 mai 2024, à l'occasion de la Journée de l'UNESCO et de la Journée mondiale de l'océan (8 juin 2024), Mundus maris asbl a présenté le concert « Oceanic Echoes », interprété par le Quatuor à cordes Dusk de renommée internationale. Le concert a eu lieu au ministère flamand des Affaires étrangères, dans le complexe Tour & Taxis à Bruxelles, siège du Comité national pour la Décennie de l'océan pour la Belgique et de la Commission flamande de l'UNESCO. Mundus maris, membre du Comité, y contribue par ses initiatives scientifiques, éducatives et artistiques.

Following a significant meeting dedicated to oceanic matters and marking the start of UNESCO Day, the concert fostered an atmosphere of serenity and reflection, promoting blue knowledge and wisdom. The Dusk String Quartet — comprising violinists Hugo Ranilla de Castro and Flora Campbell-Tiech, violist Thomas Wilkinson, and cellist Sara Fontán Ferreira — enchanted an audience of representatives from ocean initiatives in Belgium and international partners with their inspiring and varied programme.

The concert featured a collection of compositions specifically written for string quartet, each piece capturing the essence of the sea or ocean. The concert was a unique musical voyage with "Oceanic Echoes¨, toward the profound beauty and mystery of the oceans with the expressive medium of a string quartet. This event has offered an unforgettable auditory experience, celebrating the ocean through a captivating and intimate performance.

Programme Highlights:

  • "Views of the Sea" by Eduard Toldrá (1921): Subtitled 'Poetic Evocations,' this piece reflects on the emotions stirred by the sea, portraying its serene and tumultuous moods through the composer's memories and feelings.

  • "Water Music" by Georg Friedrich Händel (1717): Although not explicitly about the sea, this Baroque masterpiece's flowing melodies and majestic rhythms evoke images of elegance, festivity, and the grandeur of water. The concert featured a selection of movements from the three suites, arranged for string quartet.

  • Other pieces included "Beyond the Sea", "Octopus's Garden", "The Song of the Birds", and "Summertime", encouraging reflection on the ocean's crucial role for ecosystems across the globe and for mitigating on-going climate change.

Ann Katrien Lescrauwaet, representing the National Committee of the Ocean Decade, and several members of UNESCO Flemish Commission and the Ministry expressed gratitude to the Dusk String Quartet and Mundus maris for making the event possible.

Event Details:

  • Date and Time: May 21, 2024, during lunch on UNESCO Day, following the meeting of the National Ocean Decade Committee for Belgium (NDC-BE).

  • Location: Herman Teirlinck Building, Brussels.

  • Event Coordination: M C Patricia Morales

About the Dusk String Quartet: Based in Brussels, the Dusk String Quartet is a young ensemble known for its diverse repertoire spanning classical, pop, jazz, traditional, and contemporary music. Experience the enchanting "Oceanic Echoes" concert, where music and the majesty of the ocean come together in perfect harmony.

Text and photos by M C Patricia Morales.