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The Mirror International Festival (FESMIR) Dakar: 2013 Edition for adults

Very active participation of Mundus maris

The 2013 edition of the International Dakar Mirror Festival (FESMIR) was originally scheduled for the period from 1 to 10 March 2013. But in the event it experienced such a success that it was extended until the last week of March.


Based on the partnership that FESMIR developed since three years with Mundus maris, our association was initially invited to lead the debate scheduled for March 4 and focused on the rarefaction of Thiof, the iconic species in Senegal.


As the festival managers had additional expectations towards Mundus maris, we have been called to lead two additional workshops. 


The first workshop that the local team animated involved updating the network of artists that develops in Senegal.


Indeed, after being inspired by the vision of Mundus maris on one hand and its collaboration with Greenpeace since several years on the other, the leader of this festival, Mamadou Ndiaye "THIA" took a thematic orientation focusing more on the theme of the sea.



In view of the 2013 edition of FESMIR, which already bore the sea in his title, THIA has collaborated with five visual artists from different regions to encourage them to exhibit on this topic.


THIA's effort has paid insofar as more than 100 paintings dedicated to the sea and the challenges it faces were exposed by the artists of this emerging network.



In order to update the artists who have joined THIA in this new dynamic that one afternoon of FESMIR was spent engaging them with the local work of Mundus maris, to help artists better capture our vision and achievements.


Apart from the young artists present who displayed their creations, other participants took part in this FESMIR session, including local elected officials, trainees at the schools of international trade and of tourism and a technical advisor to the Minister of Culture.