The third edition of the festival "Memory of the Penc and villages of Dakar" was held July 17, 2012 at the Grand Theater in Dakar. Penc denotes a place under the traditonal meeting tree. Mundus maris was officially invited and was represented by Aliou Sall, Vice-President. THIA is the Senegalese artist, who works since about two years with Mundus maris through projects implemented in Senegal.The three slogans of the festival were (i) For the appreciation of Lebou cultural heritage; (ii) The consolidation of ties of understanding and solidarity of the Lebou family and (iii) The cultural renaissance of Senegal and Africa. This festival was under the sponsorship of Lebou Dignitaries and Notables. The programme had several components: (i) exhibitions through the ages; (ii) speeches and statements by intellectuals, but also popular speakers as well as traditional leaders, (iii) cultural activities. Read more.