Save the babyfish! The continuation of the campaign with fishmongers between July and October 2013 – Hann, Kayar and Saint Louis, Senegal

First, with the facilitation of the focal point on site, we always started by recalling the objective of the mission. In this occasion the fish rulers were demonstrated in practice. To put the fish ruler and its importance into a broader context, we explained the close relationship between this campaign for compliance with the minimum size of fish and one of the key principles of the ecosystem approach to fisheries (EAF). To recall, the five key principles are:

  • maintain ecosystem integrity (fish species exist only in interaction with each other – no fish is an island)

  • the precautionary approach to fisheries and any other use of marine and coastal ecosystems, while respecting the rules;

  • ensure broad participation of different social actors;

  • promoting sectoral integration and safeguarding livelihoods, and

  • investment in research and knowledge. Read more.