Come sunshine or rain, Mundus maris Club FCFMT in Lagos keeps beach clean-up commitment


Rainy season in the Gulf of Guinea in July. Low hanging clouds and unpleasant weather are not the most inviting conditions for what's already not an exciting job.

Clearing other people's garbage. But that has not deterred the hard core of the Mundus maris Club chaired by Bethel Jahnezim to gather for cleaning up what looked like an irregular dump.

True to their planning, the students made good on their pledge to carry out one beach clean-up per month during all of 2016. It's an excellent way to translate into practical action what they are learning at the Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology (FCFMT), Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

This time round, they were able to get support from the Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) in the form of a garbage collection truck. 

That's a hopeful development which should provide additional assurance that the litter removed gets properly disposed of and does not find its way into the ocean after all.

We keep fingers crossed that LAWMA continues supporting the next monthly outings as well.

And congrats to the courageous group walking the walk and not only talking the talk. Bravo!