Third Theatre Festival "72H" of the association "Talataay – Nder" of Yarakh in Hann

For the third consecutive year, the cultural and theatre association "Talataay-Nder" of Yarakh invited people from Hann neighbourhoods on the outskirts of Dakar, to participate in the theater festival and celebrate the local culture. A great success !

The festival revitalises traditional performance styles by centering on common issues in contemporary society in transition. Themes were e.g. (1) civil society responsibility to achieve healthy living conditions; (2) rape of young women, incest and the silence of the traditional society towards these aberrations; (3) the disaster of high school drop out rates; (4) abuse of trust and its negative impact on the functioning of traditional societies (e.g. through disruption of solidarity as alternative in the face of difficult access to conventional credit); and, of course, (5) the pollution of Hann Bay, our sick neighbour.

The festival appealed to all age groups, men and women and even a strong delegation from the municipality stayed on until late at night to follow the performances.

Talataay-Nder honored Mundus maris twice, by choosing us as a sponsor, but also by entrusting us with the animation of a conference on the oceans.

The coordinator of the festival, Mr Bina DIOP, a theater teacher, is also a very active founding member of the Mundus maris Club – Senegal.

Thus, Mr. Aliou Sall, Senegal Club coordinator and Vice President of the association, was happy to perform the official opening ceremony of the event on behalf of the sponsor.

The 2016 Edition, as usual, showed the pivotal role played by theater in the education of all ages, the whole illustrated by a true popular craze.

The rooms were filled during performances of ten theatre pieces presented at different selected sites.

The interest in theater from early childhood was reflected in the number of plays performed by children under 15 years of age.

What emotions!

Thanks to the initiative of the organisers, a special touch has been given to this present edition. They wanted a festival that goes from a concept to a practice.

They wanted to translate the ambition to synergise scientists and artists in order to conduct reflections and actions for sustainability.

In fact, they managed to create a good synergy between representatives of the two ways to understand our complicated world.

They did this by giving the opportunity to Mundus maris to invite people for the occasion to become aware of the importance of oceans (and their marine ecosystems), the threats to which oceans are exposed and what we can all together do about it.

The lecture was given by Mr Aliou Sall on Saturday, September 24, late at night in one of the annexes of the townhall of Hann Bel Air.

This was a well appreciated scientific focus to complement the artistic and cultural features dominating the festival.

Aliou also took the opportunity toward the end of the event to hand out the different honorary diplomas provided by the organisers, various awards in recognition of the diverse actors involved in some way or other within the 72 hours of the festival.

Finally, Aliou co-chaired the official closing together with the organisers.

It took place Sunday, 25 September late into the night.

At the closing, and on behalf of the President of Mundus maris, Mrs. Cornelia Nauen, Mr Aliou Sall expressed the great satisfaction of Mundus maris to have been sponsor of this inspiring festival.

So he offered on behalf of the latter two books to Bina Diop in recognition for his tireless commitment to public education through theater.

Congratulations to all the organisers, artists and participants for another successful festival!