Our partners in Cameroon, Bénévoles des Océans, showed their ability to innovate by constructing seats from recycled plastic bottles recovered last year from a riverbed in Douala - from a river that changed its bed because its course was clogged by impressive amounts of rubbish, particularly plastic.

The Minister of Youth and Civic Education, His Excellency Mr. Mounouna Foutsou (right in the photo), under whose auspices the 52nd Youth Festival was celebrated, met at the booth with Mrs. Jeauberte Djamou, head of the Volunteers of the Oceans Association (Bénévoles des Océans).

This innovation is the constructive reaction of the despair and the initial disbelief of the volunteers when they took the initiative to clean a river on the occasion of the celebrations of World Oceans Day 2017 in Douala. In the absence of a functioning system of plastic waste management, they have since this first experience sought to understand how to avoid, reduce and recycle plastic in a logic of a circular and social economy.

This was the wish of young people not wanting to accept such degradation of the riparian and marine environment. They sensitized a dozen schools to the question in the occasion of the youth festival.

With the construction of the armchairs, they showed that if the plastic can not be avoided, at least it can be recovered and recycled. Well done! An example to follow, especially in the light of the stimulus of the contest for the Mundus maris Awards 2018 - for an ocean without plastic!


The armchairs constructed from recovered and recycled plastic bottles.