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Prize ceremony in Abuja, Nigeria

A‎ rainy day it was in Abuja on the 25th of July, 2019. But this could not stop the Mundus maris team, Professor Stella Williams and Mrs Zainab Suleiman, from dropping the planned awardee ceremonies.

The team arrived ‎Cuddles Childminders and Schools, Lokogoma, to deliver the Shark Prize of €50 to Tolulope Adeleye. Rain or no rain, it was a happy day for all concerned and a just-in-time delivery before the long vacation time.

Mr Joseph, a teacher from the school and some pupils who were not engaged with special activities joined Tolulope for the receipt of the award and the photo shoot.

They then left for the two hours ride for the Government Day Secondary School (GDSS)‎, Bwari, together with Tolulope Adeleye to deliver the award to the second awardee, Elizabeth Popoola.

The team received a welcome address from staff members of the school in the principal's office as it was the graduation ceremony for the ‎outgoing students.

Following this, the Principal and Vice Principal (Academics) attended to the visitors, who were also greeted by Elizabeth's proud father, Segun Popoola.

During the course of the graduation party, Elizabeth Popoola was called forward and presented with her Turtle Prize (€100) by Prof. Stella Williams.

Speech and presentation all being made, a Mundus maris Club was launched in the school. It will work together with the Environmental Club as of the new school year under the supervision of Mr. Udom of GDSS, Bwari, and Tolulope Adeleye.

Congratulations to both winners in the capital area of Abuja, Nigeria!

After accomplishing the day's objectives, the team left GDSS, Bwari, satisfied.