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WOD together with the Soccer Friendly in Hann, Senegal

As in previous years, the Soccer Friendly, a network of several soccer schools in Hann (AMEF), has been a faithful ally of Mundus maris in celebrating again 8 June 2019, World Ocean Day. Let's recall what Babacar Ciss aka Gabou, the president of AMEF, said already clearly several years ago:

"Getting everybody engaged in sports exposed to environmental concerns and protection is essential. Why? First, soccer as a mass sport reaches a huge number of citizens and many youngsters are particularly attached. They follow everything connected to the sport and the communication efforts surrounding it. Young people below 18 years are the hope for a cleaner and better future, they represent half the population."

So sensitising them, also in conjunction with the sport, to the importance of stewardship for the environment is not to be demonstrated any more - their enthusiastic participation in celebrating World Ocean Day illustrates the case.

The day started with a big beach clean-up around the primary school of Hann Pêcheurs, an occasion to reach and engage even more kids. The part of Hann beach cleaned is also close to the fish landing area of Hann, one of the most important in Senegal and a passage way for numerous people. Starting at 10h the clean up was mostly completed by about 13h30. A large number of youngsters in the soccer schools connected to the AMEF were involved.

As Babacar Ciss could exceptionally not supervise the operation that day, his deputies stepped in for him: Messsieurs Aziz Babou, General Secretary in charge of organising the AMEF, and Abdoukarim Ndiaye called Aka, official homologued arbiter in Senegal, who is also deputy secretary general of AMEF.

Following the beach clean up, the volunteers involved had their lunch to rest before the afternoon soccer tournament.

The original planning foresaw a soccer tournament in three categories: young males (Benjamin and Minime) and young girls (Benjamine). As there were some ten boy teams several rounds were scheduled. In the end, for lack of outfits and other mostly logistical reasons, the girl tournament was changed into a goal shooting match.

The boy teams competing were:

Benjamin: Maison Foot, Challenge Foot, Sélection Hann Bel Air – A, Club de l’Amitié, Guney Fary.

Minime: Maison Foot, Challenge Foot, Sélection Hann Bel Air – A, Sélection Hann Bel Air – B, Club de l’Amitié, Guney Fary, Guney Montagne, Sélection Hann Bel Air – B.

The winner's trophy in the Benjamin age group went to Maison Foot - with their captain Seydou Fall almost disappearing behind it during the ceremony. In the Minime age group it was Challenge Foot that prevailed. Team captain Ibrahima Tambédou received the trophy.

The sponsor, Mundus maris, was represented by Aliou Sall, Vice President, and Maria Fernanda Arraes, facilitator and education expert partnering with Mundus maris. The two were invited to hand over the prizes to the teams at the Grand Finale at about 19h.



The two winning teams posing with Maria Fernanda Arraes and Aliou Sall.