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Youths from Senegal send their messages


Thanks to some particularly committed teachers, several school classes from Senegal worked on ideas for the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris and what would be important for a safe future for themselves and their families.

Magath Diop, Director of the Khadim School in Hann entrusted the task to a young colleague who sent some photos and the strong message from 12 year-old Fatou FALL, speaking on behalf of all kids:

Pupils of the world, let's get up against global warming. Really, this planet is heating up and that's threatening.

During the night of 30 August 2015 the dwellers living near the beach of Hann Bay in Senegal have not slept until the early hours. Indeed, the Sea, our sick neighbour, has destroyed houses, pirogues, has carried away dresses, medecins and household utensils. The following day the authorities spoke about the consequences of climate change and warming.

Dear Parents, stop the emission of greenhouse gases. We are afraid of drought, of diseases, of suffering from hunger and flooding.




Mamadou Camara is a Teacher at the Tafsir Demba Sall 2 elementary school in Mbour.

He is strongly committed to improve conditions for the future of his pupils and the entire community.

He sent another series of pictures with wishes and advice for the Summit.

Let these voices be heard and acted upon so that these kids have a safe future in their own country, thanks also to international cooperation and exchange.



Click here for the video with "A Sea of Ideas for the UN Climate Change Conference".