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by Doudou Ndiaye, Deputy Director

Going through extensive discussions about the need to protect baby fish and the pros and cons of a large number of possible names, the Cm1b class of the Santa Yalla School in Rufisque is proposing the following names:

For the male baby fish: Toby

For the female baby fish: Bianca

The choice is motivated by the fact that, according to the pupils, the names are easy to pronounce and remember. They also say that they are pretty names.

Leeboon ...

"There was once a little fish called Bianca. One day she was hungry and looking for food. She saw a piece of flesh clinging to a piece of iron. She came over and began to eat. On her return, she nipped under the net of Baay Laay and also escapted the traps. So she learned to survive in the sea."

To protect the small fish consider the following:

* Talk to the fishermen;

* Monitor the fishermen;

* Punish the fishermen, when required.