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by Bolong Touray, Headmaster, Serrekunda Lower Basic School


The ecosystem class had 45 pupils, 23 girls and 22 boys, responding to the invitation to propose names for the Mundus marismascots. They were in the age group between 11 and 13 years. Here are the pupils' proposals:

Name of small fish (male): Tembi

Name of big fish (female): Muna

Reasons why we chose the names:

Tembi is a young African child who is strong, active, vibrant and adventurous in nature, with very little experience of the selfish, wicked wider world.

Muna is the name of a legendary African woman, who is loving, productive and keen to protect and take care of her offspring.

The best way to protect and preserve the fish species is to establish protected waters, where they can live and grow until they are mature and big enough to be exposed to legal fishing grounds.