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by Alhagie Jammeh, Teacher and coach


The ecosystem class composed of 24 girls and 21 boys aged between 11 and 14 years participated in the work to propose suitable names for the Mundus marisbaby fish mascots.

Following work in class about the current threats to ecosystems and what to do about them, the pupils came up with the following proposals.

Small fish name: Shaka (male)

Big fish name: Yama (female)

Reasons why we chose the names

* Shaka is intelligent, full of life, very elusive and able to adapt under adverse conditions or situations.

* Yama is young mother who is constantly vigilant and concerned about her child and would do anything to protect her child from danger.


The best way to protect them is to keep them in protected waters until they are mature to be only later exploited by local artisanal fishermen or other commercial fishing.

Contact the teacher and the ecosystem class at the following address

Mr Alhagie Jammeh

Gunjur Lower Basic School


West Coast Region

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