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by Anne Steele Arnett, Headteacher

We have been contacted by Nico Caltabiano who is an oceanographer and a Chair of Governors at our school. Two children have written their story. We are a school that wants to build up our maritime education strategy through sustainability and also work towards the children knowing what is around them as we are an Island as a country as well as being a busy container and ocean liner port.

The two children who developed a submission are Lucy Smith aged 11 and Suraj Patel, also aged 11.

We would like to hear about how we can progress our relationship with you to encourage our children to take care of their world and be more knowledgeable about their planet.

Here is the suggestion for names from Lucy and Suraj and where they see the principal dangers for the survival of the babyfish.

I think the fish’s names should be Harry and Hermione, the fictional characters from Harry Potter. Throughout the series of books and movies, they encounter life-threatening dangers, yet each time they survive, just as we want the fish to. In the final book/movie they go on to have children and give more life a chance, just as we want the fish to.

In real life, all fish come across many hazards and predators such as larger fish/sea creatures, fishermen and pollution. To help the fish, we should reduce pollution and littering the oceans. Also tighter controls on fishing and the types allowed to be caught. Captive breeding and reintroduction when the fish are older could help increase the numbers of fish across the world.

- Fishermen: Across the world, trillions of fish are killed for food. In the UK, popular fish like cod are becoming rarer. But the introduction of captive breeding could help to insure that the population of fish is even and sustainable for future generations.

- Pollution: Pollution is another contributing factor to falling number of fish in the world; this can be anything from oil spillages to plastic can rings. Fencing of oil rigs to putting your rubbish in the bin at the beach can all help.

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