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World Ocean Day in Kribi, Cameroon

World Oceans Day the 2022 edition was held in a boukaro made of plastic bottle waste at Ngoye beach in Kribi, a seaside town in Cameroon.
This ceremony saw the mobilisation of 200 children from 10 schools who accompanied their supervisors and a strong mobilisation of volunteers from France, Douala and Yaoundé. This year's theme was: “Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean”. Many exchanges were part of the rich programme of the day.
The presence of the Mayor of Kribi 1er, the Basic Education Inspector and her staff enhanced the event.
The ceremony was marked by the speech of the Mayor and the Inspector. During her speech, the Mayor showed her satisfaction and joy to the President of the Volunteers, who each year continue to show special consideration for the pupils of Kribi. As a result, she wanted to establish a partnership between the association Les Bénévoles des Océans and the town hall of Kribi I. This partnership will consist of the Volunteers training the pupils of the borough on good practices and gestures that can help protect the ocean. The Ocean being life for us and our future generations; these best practices are:
  • The fight against ocean pollution;
  • The establishment of a policy for the collection and sorting of household waste;
  • Recycling its household waste into useful objects for children and their environment;
  • The establishment of an environmental education system from primary school onwards with the aim of inculcating the basic notions of environmental protection.
After their various speeches, the President of Bénévoles des Océans thanked and welcomed the various guests. Subsequently, the children participated with enthusiasm and fervor in the contests, relating to knowledge tests. These covered a number of topics, namely:
  • The coronavirus and the ocean,
  • The Ocean: Lives and Livelihoods,
  • The problem of plastic waste,
  • Protecting the ocean.
Finally, the prizes were awarded to the winners by the president of Bénévoles des Océans; bags and cups donated by Mundus maris in Belgium and the prestigious company Milo. These organisations that we would never stop thanking. Before the end of the event Mrs. Jeauberte DJAMOU wanted to show the children how with their own hands they can start from nothing to get something. She showed the children how she makes plastic furniture, explaining it with a prefabricated sample.
Thank you for the strong mobilisation of volunteers from Cameroon and abroad. Thanks to the SCTIM company for the yogurts. Thanks to the TRANSCAM travel agency for picking up the children.