A group of girls of the Kawabata Yasunari School in Hann, Senegal, who spontaneously decided to form the Mundus maris Theatre Troupe around a sketch on plastic pollution and civic responsability for a healthy Bay are trained by teacher Bina Diop, who is also a passionate theatre director and artist breathing fresh life into traditional art forms. The girls performed a firework of successful sketches in the first few weeks of forming the troupe.

It all started in the occasion of the World Oceans Day at Kawabata Yasunari School, commonly known as the "Japanese School" of Hann Bel Air municipality, when our Vice President Aliou Sall introduced the work of Mundus maris, without forgetting to share the collaboration with FAO through its Nansen Project on the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries (EAF). He then left the stage to the group of girls who wanted to constitute the theatre troupe Mundus maris with their sketch on the pollution of Hann Bay, a theme that has preoccupied inhabitants of Hann for a long time.

Immediately afterwards, an accelerated rhythm of repetitions started June 18 under the watchful eyes of Bina Diop, member of Mundus maris Club Senegal, because the troupe had been invited to present a piece on pollution and civility on June 23, 2018 at the award ceremony to the best students of all schools in the municipality of Hann Bel Air. This major event was chaired by the Mayor, with the presence of some municipal councilors, the Departmental Inspectorate of Education and Training of Grand Dakar, as well as large multinational companies on the spot, such as Bolloré.

Also, the troupe was already solicited on June 30 by their school, even before its much-awaited formal baptism, for a performance on the occasion of the party organised in honour of Mr. Idrissa Diallo, the retiring director who made strenuous effort for collaboration since he got to know Mundus maris. On June 30, 2018, the troupe not only performed on the theme of ocean pollution, but also also dedicated a song composed in his honour to thank him.

With these solicitations for a group that has only just been formed, it was finally on July 1 that the baptism happened officially. It took place in the school grounds with the participation of the representative of the parents of pupils, Mrs. Sèye, some parents, teachers and many students having for the first time the opportunity to see a troupe composed of pupils from their school, presenting a play on the theme of the environment in general and ocean pollution in particular. For the representatives of Mundus maris the results have been beyond all expectations.

Indeed, despite the few days of rehearsals, the piece as well as the songs prepared surprised by their quality. Another pleasant surprise that day is the performance of another group of 15 girls who have formed into cheerleaders by delivering a good performance.

To reward the namesake of our association at its baptism, the Club Mundus maris Senegal has made available snacks as well as a few small lots of textbooks. In order to avoid frustration among the very young actors, even the group of cheerleaders was entitled to some textbooks. In addition, T-shirts with the logo of Mundus maris were made in time and given to the members of the troupe to celebrate the baptism.

The ceremony began around 11:30 and ended around 15:30. Bina Diop and Aliou Sall of Mundus maris in Senegal recalled the importance of schools in our global agenda, after explaining the vision and mission of the non-profit association. The representative of the parents and finally Mr. Diallo, the departing director also took the floor.

Mr. Diallo emphasised several points. In particular, he (i) sent his message to parents and pupils asking them to invest more in this oral art of theatre plays which is an integral part of the curriculum, but is still taken little into account: and (ii) underlined the importance of this troupe becoming well known, because it has a lot of opportunity both at the municipal and national levels. He approached the Departmental Inspectorate of Education and Training (IEF) for the Mundus maris troupe to be invited for a performance during the awarding of prizes to the best students selected in a national competition organised by the Ministry of the Environment, specifically the Environmental Education Center located in the Hann Zoo and Forest Park.

Meanwhile, on July 11, 2018, a platform of associations and movements active in the defence of the environment has decided to organise a vast operation of cleaning the Bay of Hann, which suffers from pollution by solid waste a good part of which is composed of plastics.

This platform is formed by Senegal Na Rafet (That Senegal is beautiful to see), the GIE of the fishing pier of Hann and the two social movements that are GIE Euleul Si birr (GIE Tomorrow is to be taken into account or to anticipate the future) and Sukhali Yaraax (Coming to the rescue of Hann). Once again, the troupe Mundus maris was asked to perform a sketch on the theme of pollution. That piece focused very much on the responsibility of the residents of the bay and on civility.

On July 13, 2018 the 13th edition of FestiVert took place. The event is organised by the Guissé brothers' orchestra (called Groupe Frère Guissé, from the municipality of Hann). Each year several activities are planned including a forum and cultural activities. It is an opportunity seized by the Ministry of the Environment to honour the best students in environmental sciences. The Mundus maris troupe was invited to the opening ceremony where they presented their beautiful play on the civil responsability for the degradation of the environment. 

As a reminder, the top five in each class are awarded at FestiVert. The 2018 edition had a record participation rate. The Mayor of the municipality took part in the opening ceremony, which was strongly marked by the theatre troupe, with in attendance municipal councilors, all the directors of the public and private schools of the commune, the commander of the Park, a military representative of the Ministry, the director from the Center for Environmental Education, the Parent Representative and the Director of the School of Young Actresses and, of course, the Vice President of Mundus maris all came to cheer for our theater troupe. IEF Grand Dakar was also in attendence.

Finally, as FestiVert lasts three days, on July 15, 2018, during the staging of children initiated in this context, the troupe was asked again to perform. At the announcement of this, the expats from the German Cooperation (GIZ) based in Dakar decided to wait for the sketch of the troupe. Having appreciated the performance of the young actresses, they wanted to meet afterwards with Bina Diop as coach and potentially see any prospects for the future.