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Sustainable Seas Through the Eyes of Art


The International Initiative 'Science, Arts and Sustainable Seas' was offered the opportunity for an exhibition 'Sustainable Seas Through the Eyes of Art' associated with the V MARE Conference 'Living with uncertainty and adapting to change' in Amsterdam, 9-11 July 2009. The venue of the exhibition is the historic university building, Oudemanhuispoort 4-6, 1012 DL Amsterdam.

The development phase of the exhibition engaged scientists, artists and schools in Brazil, Belgium, Germany, Guinea, Morocco, Nigeria, Peru and Senegal and fishing communities in Senegal and Nigeria. The exhibition at the MARE Conference will bring together a selection of works. It marks an important stepping stone in the early development of the Initiative and its engagement with a wider public.


For more information on the MARE Conference, click here.

The Conference is preceded by a Policy Day on 8 July 2009 under the motto "Dealing with sea-level rise in deltaic regions: an international comparison". The venue is the Waalse Kerk and the Bushuis, University of Amsterdam. For the programme, click here.

Two international scientific collaborations, ECOST and INCOFISH, have produced interesting results and tools for public use, which have inspired the exhibition. Some researchers associated with these projects provided some coaching and scientific advice.

Ségolène Jeanjean prepared a powerpoint presentation to explain some of the issues that motivate the exhibition.

The students at the European School Brussels I have launched a fund raising appeal to allow Senegalese and other West African youth and their coaches to come to Amsterdam themselves, meet and make friends with the European students. Even after the exhibition, you can support the activities with donations to the account to continue and expand the collaboration. Thank you!


The youth groups and coaches contributing to the exhibition, supporting scientists and artists let you take a glimpse at preparatory steps and how the collaboration is developing.