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Section Safi, Morocco


Resulting from the work carried out during weeks of activities exploring and documenting marine biodiversity along the coasts of Safi, the five wood tables painted with mixed media and materials, including sand, shells and acryl colours, have been sent to the Initiative and shown during the exhibition "Sustainable Seas Through the Eyes of Art", Amsterdam, Netherlands, from 9 to 11 July 2009.

Kastal Zahra, CE4

The sea, a holy place


The sea is a paradise, where many people can stay at ease. This chapel, holy place, is constructed at the edge of the blue, bottomless, endless, sea, to protect her from bad things the destroyers of the ocean might do to her. This sea, which is dear to us, is the symbol of freedom.

Skili Houda, CE1


No title


Here is how I imagine the places around the sea: Humans and animals coexist peacefully. The greenary is a symbol of serenity - but how dirty are our coasts, how many birds are poisoned by waste! Hence, let's do something to save our seas.

Skili Najlae. CE6


A dream island


An island where calm governs. It means freedom. In the middle of this island, palm trees dance joyfully, enjoying the pure air which they breathe. The fresh air comes from the sea guarded by people with good common sense. Nearby, one sees a floating boat, symbol of life. A dream island!

Salma El Idrissi, CE4


No title


This painting represents a large ship floating calmly in the middel of the vast ocean. The blue of the sea indicates that it is not contaminated by pollutants. The sea may thus be a healthy place, where one can live happy moments, without fear.

Assiya Fadlaoui, CE4


No title


My painting represents the evolution of pollution. The shells symbolise the maritime creatures which are most badly affected. Hundreds of them are victims of destruction humans inflict on nature. The blue space in the interior of the big shell represent all that is healthy, but it is not much!