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The group of the European School Brussels I in Uccle brought a mixture of new and updated existing work, including mixed-media installations and paintings. The common thread was the concern about research findings projecting the disappearance of known fisheries by about the year 2050 if current overfishing trends were to continue. Marine pollution was also thematised as were the problem of inequitable North-South relations. The works were selected based on themes also discussed at the MARE conference.


Julian Klausner - 
The sword of Damocles - 
Mixed media installationHristo Kouzmanov -
Where did they all go? 2050 ... - 
Mixed media installationIrene Chamorro Guindel -
Waste does not belong into the sea! - 
Mixed media installationAlexander Haukrogh Jensen - 
Greed and gluttony are emptying the oceans - 
Water colours, inkBeatrice Nassi - 
Overfishing is a worldwide problem - looked at from an unusual perspective -
Computer-aided designOlallaSabaterSanz.jpg


Eleonora Maggiore


Humans will suffer the consequences of their lacking respect for the sea.

Water colours and mixed media on recycled canvas




















Giulia Bottoni


Bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus L.) in the Mediterranean has no chance against modern spotting and fishing techniques. Juveniles get caught for fattening in floating cages in quantities way above what scientists say can be caught safely. To feed the caged tuna, fish perfectly fit for human consumption as far away as West Africa gets caught. It's 'good business' for those earning perhaps as much as 100,000 Euro for a single tuna specimen on Tokyo's fish market. You might not be aware of the dire situation this massive overfishing has provoked for the very survival of this majestic and delicious fish when you enjoy a fashionable sushi or sashimi plate. But according to available data, the population of Bluefin tuna has collapsed to a small fraction of what it was only 30 years ago. This is why the Principality of Monaco has demanded that the trade of Mediterranean bluefin tuna be prohibited under the CITES Convention regulating trade in species of wild fauna and flora threatened by extinction.


The WWF had a long-standing campaign to save this emblematic species from terminal decline.


Mixed media installation

 Ségolène Jeanjean


- framing the motto of the exhibition